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Steel accessories

New steel accessories

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16 November 2018

Hollow rod cylinders

Hannover Messe
10 January 2019

Hannover Messe 2019

Cy.Pag. to complete its range of mounting accessories for pneumatic cylinders, it has released two new steel accessories, available with white zinc coating or black cataphoresis treatment with a diameter of 32mm to a diameter of 125mm (also 160mm for MP4 male hinge).

Characteristics of white zinc coating

This process consists in the application, through an electrolytic process and the immersion of the component in particular galvanic baths completely free from Cr (VI), of a zinc coating on the surface. The zinc layer ensures resistance to both thermal shock and corrosion, giving the possibility of use in different fields of application, while maintaining a pleasant appearance.

Physical chemical characteristics:

Thickness (Microns) 5/15

Salin fog resistance (hours) 6/96 (UNI 9227/93)

Characteristics of black cataphoresis

The surface treatment of cataphoresis is an electrodeposition of paint under immersion with electric current and allows to prolong the conservation of the accessories over time. Following this treatment, the treated parts assume considerable resistance to chemical and environmental corrosion processes.

Physical chemical characteristics:

Tickness (Microns) 15 / 30

Salin fog resistance (hours) 500 / 700 (ASTM-B11)

Resistance to impact 70 Kg

UV resistance Good

Hardness (pencil) 5H

Adhesion to the squaring 98/100% (UNICHIM)

Folding by means of chuck No fissuration

Alkali resistance (not saponifiable) Good

Hydrocarbons resistance Very good

New steel accessories: Immagine 1

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