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Hollow rod cylinders

Hollow rod cylinders

vacuum technology

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18 January 2019

ø250 and ø320

Hollow rod cylinders
16 November 2018

Hollow rod cylinders

The pneumatic hollow rod cylinders produced by Cy.Pag. are based on ISO 6432 and ISO 15552 dimensions, due to construction with coaxial rods instead of a conventional feedthrough rod configuration.


Hollow rod cylinder operation

The vacuum connection on the rear head has the benefit of being static during cylinder operation.


Areas of application for ISO 6432 and 15552 hollow rod cylinders.

There are numerous applications, including robotics, item handling, packaging and pick and place operations to name but a few.

Vacuum cylinders

Hollow rod cylinders - models available

The following standard Cy.Pag. models are currently available: double-acting magnetic and non-magnetic for 25 mm diameter versions and double-acting with adjustable magnetic and non-magnetic cushioning for 32 mm and 40 mm diameter versions.


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