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tandem cylinder

ø250 and ø320

Cylinders series “CAT”, compliant with ISO 15552, are available in bores from Ø 32 to Ø 320. The construction is made with the round aluminiu...

With the awareness that an online presence is essential nowadays, after updating the company's brand, Cy.Pag. has launched its new website at www.cypag.com.

The site has been modernised with new graphics and the colours of the company logo, and meets the growing needs of users, who can browse more conveniently and quickly in line with present-day browsing habits.

As a leading manufacturer of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric cylinders, Cy.Pag. is presenting itself to customers new and old with an updated look that emphasises the main characteristic of the company: the manufacture of customised cylinders.

Prova news 4: Immagine 1

The menu has been set out clearly and accurately, and provides detailed information on the company, standard and customised products, in addition to a blog dedicated to company news.

All commercial and technical documents can be downloaded from the Products section. More specifically, after working extensively with Cadenas, for ISO 6432 and ISO 15552 cylinders, products can be configured in all possible variants.

Visit our website for further information at www.cypag.com .


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