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tandem cylinder

ø250 and ø320

Cylinders series “CAT”, compliant with ISO 15552, are available in bores from Ø 32 to Ø 320. The construction is made with the round aluminiu...
Hannover Messe
10 January 2019

Hannover Messe 2019

Hollow rod cylinders
16 November 2018

Hollow rod cylinders

Summer has finally arrived at Morbegno and it is becoming a constraint to work at the office especially on Monday morning due to the plenary meeting.

Monday, we decided to approach the usual meeting in a different way, we postponed the event at a local restaurant La Brace.

Powerpoint? Connected….
Speakers? on location…
Employees? Present, almost all of them…
Fine, let’s start…

Despite the fact that we should have discussed a lot of arguments, we preferred to pass the presentation slides very quickly, it happens when everyone is starving! How did it go?



Marilena explained that during the last 621 days there were no accidents in our company, statistics prove that Cy.pag is widely below the regional average. WELL DONE!
Congratulation to our quality and security team that introduced a series of correcting actions in order to prevent injuries.
Security measures are a relevant case for each company, Cy.pag is obsessed with that.
Inappropriate use of forklifts vehicle is one of the major causes of fatal injuries for human and properties at logistic and productions sites. Our colleague Nicola has presented the new innovative solution named “Safe & Stop VNA”. This is the latest technological solution part of the SIS family.


Teamwork creates synergies, IT, production and process worked together analysing and optimising the production chain at the mechanic department.
As Donald explained, only a deep analyse on each single production phase can increase productivity.


Innovation’s part of the growing process, especially when it aims to preserve environment and reduce production costs. Antonio illustrate how energy losses and to consume worldwide is affecting the planet.
Cy.pag has recently invented and tested a system able to prevent compressed air losses from cylinders, the innovative tool is named CY4.S. The four S indicates > saving /self-regulating/safe/ smooth.
It’s worth to mention that we do not only invent useful tools, in fact, we do establish winning cooperation such as with CADENAS, an amazing tool that allows to configure directly from our website. 

The recent meeting has been a valuable occasion to present last months results and, as it shows, we should be satisfied with the company achievements. At the same time, we acknowledge that the path of success requires enormous efforts in order to improve and climb higher.


It is naive to declare that it has been simple to reach this point, Cy.pag knows well what fatigue is, this includes also not/working activities. Our team is very active, it includes cyclists, runners, walkers and people working out at the gym. We love challenges, therefore, we initiate a team called Cy.pag on the social activity’s portal STRAVA. Here we are able to challenge and measure each other not only in terms of results but also for determination and constant. A huge thanks to our incredible testimonial and friends Pietro Dutto, a real motivator and professional.

At this point, it went really fast from the microphone to the fork!

 --> And you, what are your excuses to avoid Mondays meetings? Please tell us in a comment…


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