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Prodotti Cy.Pag Srl

Application sectors

Main application sectors for Cy.Pag. products

Packaging industry

The packaging industry works with various sectors, including the food, tobacco, pharmaceutical and beauty industries to package their products, and represents a stronghold of the Italian economy, which is the leading international exporter in this field.


As with other industries, the packaging sector has witnessed significant automation of operations in recent decades, with costs reduced and productivity increased, leading to further growth in this area. The level of specialisation available at Cy.Pag. fits perfectly into this context, with the design and production of pneumatic cylinders suited to boxing and packing machinery. In addition to achieving increased efficiency and quality, the challenge nowadays is to optimise energy consumption and the environmental sustainability of products and production cycles.

Cilindri per l'industria del packaging


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Food and drink industry

The use of cylinders in the food industry is on the increase, along with increased market demand. The increasing awareness and focus of customers on dietary habits and products have encouraged specialised production processes.


Plant automation in the food and drink industry requires highly technological, practical machinery, such as bottling and food packaging lines, which can operate at high volumes and ensure high standards of hygiene to prevent the risk of contamination. Consequently, Cy.Pag. has developed a range of stainless steel cylinders for use in food processes, which feature an extended lifetime, the ability to operate in aggressive conditions, resistance to corrosion thanks to the stainless steel, and are easy to clean.

Cilindri per l'industria alimentare

Automotive industry

Cy.Pag. has a department specifically focused on designing and creating automation components for the automotive industry.


The requirements of companies operating in this field have evolved rapidly at the same pace as the automotive industry, and require immediate customised solutions that meet the requirements of a constantly changing market full of competitors. As a result, Cy.Pag. has transformed itself from being a traditional supplier of pneumatic cylinders into a fully-fledged, qualified partner supporting industry operators, such as bus door suppliers and printed component manufacturers, and using its technical expertise and experience to help them create specific cost-effective solutions.

Impianti di automazione per l'automotive

Textile industry

Industrial automation has also made considerable progress in the textile industry. Acclaimed Italian tradition and authority in the fashion world has led to Italy investing in research and technological innovation and becoming the third largest global producer of textile machinery.


The cutting-edge cylinders for textile machinery produced by Cy.Pag. provide optimal performance levels in advanced equipment used to produce top Made in Italy brands. Some of the most important industry leaders in textile machinery in Italy depend on the quality and reliability of our products.

Cilindri per l'industria delle macchine tessili

Pharmaceutical industry

The requirements of the pharmaceutical industry to produce and retail its products, and the medical sector to create equipment for medical use, are complex and varied, but both sectors require highly automated technological solutions that are reliable and can operate in settings where people's health is at stake.


The production quality achieved over the years at Cy.Pag. makes the company a trusted partner for the supply of cylinders for pharmaceutical applications, ensuring a technical service that can identify and create a product that best meets customer requirements.

Cilindri per l'industria farmaceutica

Farming industry

The farming industry is probably where automation processes are even more essential, in order to compete in a market increasingly dominated by non-conventional consumption patterns and the presence of foreign giants. The result is the frequent use of technology and the large-scale use of machinery for farming.


The area of application for cylinders and actuators in the food and farming industry is extremely vast, and includes gathering and harvesting crops in the fields, sorting, washing and preparing foodstuffs - the requirements of industry players are endless. As a result, Cy.Pag. has become an important point of contact open to the needs of small, medium and large producers, and food industry operators, with the aim of supporting customers in reaching their targets by focusing on product quality.

Cilindri per l'industria agroalimentare