Technical details

  • Covers: Anodized Aluminium
  • Tube: AISI304 Stainless steel
  • Piston: Brass
  • Guiding bush: Sintered bronze
  • Piston rod: AISI303 Stainless steel
  • MAX pressure: 10 bar
  • Temperature: ∅8-10-12 - 20 C° + 80 C° with dry air / ∅16-20-25 - 35 C° + 80 C° with dry air
  • Working fluid: Filtered and lubricated or not compressed air


Highly resistant with crimped covers and stainless steel AISI304 tube. Supplied with cover and pistons rod nut.
Magnetic and non-magnetic version. Also available single-acting.
On request compliant with 2014/34/UE ATEX directive, except the following versions: CSE/CSEM - CSET/CSEMT - CSE RA/CSEM RA - CSE RR/CSEM RR. Available with a wide range of mounting accessories.



CSE  Single Acting 
CSEM   single acting - magnetic
CSET   single acting - rod extended
CSEMT  single acting - rod extended - magnetic
CDE  double acting
CDEM double acting - magnetic
CDEP  double acting - through piston rod
CDEMP  double acting - through piston rod - magnetic
CDEA  double acting - cushioned
CDEMA  double acting - cushioned - magnetic
CDEAP   double acting - cushioned - through piston rod
CDEMAP  double acting - cushioned - through piston rod - magnetic         




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