Technical details

  • Cylinders: ISO6020/2
  • Working pressure: 160 bar (max 210 bar)
  • Bores: From 25 to 200 mm
  • Piston rod: From 12 to 140 mm
  • Fixing: Available in 12 different types
  • Strokes: Available in any length
  • Cushioning: Available on one or both extremities
  • Working temperature: From -20°C to +150°C, according to the chosen seals


Cy.pag. hydraulic cylinders “HS” series are manufactured according to ISO 6020/2 (1991) and DIN 24554 standards. Robust and solid, steel heads blocked on high quality pipe through high resistance tie rods and C40 chromed steel.
Available in various versions, particularly with regard to seals as well as to a complete range of accessories, they offer our clients a broad application.



  • ICONE applicazioni mech
  • ICONE applicazioni iron
  • ICONE applicazioni press
  • ICONE applicazioni found



Cy.Pag. Srl is on the side of customers to best design and manufacture hydraulic cylinders which meet their requirements and needs. A close co-operation between the technical department and the customer is one of the key factor for the success of our projects as far as quality and performance are concerned.