Electric Cylinders


Under certain circumstances today automation adopts electromechanical motion systems with the aim of taking advantages of the electronic systems management as well as of typical modularity of electronic systems.

In this context, Cy.Pag. Srl, thanks to the successful experience gained through years of presence in specific industrial sectors, can offer an actuator that may be considered the most suitable alternative to pneumatic ISO6432 Ø20 actuators up to 50mm stroke with respect to dimensions and performed loads.



The AET.020.050 electromechanical actuator generates a traction and thrust nominal force equal to 20 kg maintaining absorption levels below 1.5A  with  15mm/sec speed.

It is designed for industrial applications, its main features as follows:

IP65 grade (IP54 in translation);
Functional components produced in sintered metal;
Sintered bronze rod bush;
AISI303 shaft;
Stainless steel external screws.

The actuator provides necessary embedded control devices such as:

2 pulses/round rotary encoder;
"In” position home switch for a reliable definition of the starting point.

Cy.Pag. Srl is offering also a specific control unit for functional control and monitoring of groups of independent actuators (from1 up to 8).

CC.AET controller is an advanced management and control system for industrial automation which can controls from 1 up to 8 actuators in its standard configuration.
Each actuator can be controlled on its own, in such a case the controller provides adequate control and monitoring of each motor  through embedded sensors.
The core of the system is a last generation microprocessor enabling the implementation of advanced command routines either in control or diagnosis.
Controller communicates specific alarms and parameters to system supervisor through embedded bus connections.
The system provides the user any help to facilitate installation and use:

intuitive and “talking” commands (set, show, go to … );
on board pre-charged complete manual for all commands;
multiple embedded bus:
real time parameters reading with the aim of providing complete and easy control of installations.

Board architecture enables  assembly kit to be customized as far as connectors, enclosures,  visual alarms, cost are concerned. Any controller can be used on its own (controlled by a PLC or PC ), otherwise it can be placed in series with other controllers using  embedded net features and broadcast commands.
CC.AET controller is therefore in a position to realize a complete advanced net of actuators so that every single net node as well as every single actuator can be reached, managed and analyzed.



Vantaggi aatuatori elettrici Cypag

All pictures being displayed refer to an exclusive customized application.

Application of AET actuators in bottling lines dramatically reduces high costs related to compressed air production. This actuator has a very low energy consumption since it requires energy only when activated to perform its stroke.

Changeover operation can be carried out  with few commands:  setting the stroke,  launching cycle start.

Production has no more interruption as you no longer need time to adjust the line to the new format, this means more productivity!

Operator intervention is limited to minimum, considering you no longer have to manually intervene: format changing is automatically carried out.