Research and Development
    Cy.Pag. Srl assets, structure and team optimize available resources and know-how with the aim of effectively developing new products for specific applications.

    Feasibility study
    Our engineers evaluate the feasibility of customer's project requested and respond quickly through simulations and feedbacks.

    Our engineers are involved in the project development on the basis of technical specifications provided by our clients.

    Thanks to our know-how, with the support of a three-dimensional printer, we are in a position to deliver any prototype in plastic material for comparison purposes before production starting up.

    With CNC machines and advanced instrumentation, we are in a position to manufacture any item.

    Our production manager supervises the entire manufacturing phases, when necessary providing in very short time equipment to optimize assembly, thus making production cycle rapid.

    A proactive and flexible approach characterizes the contribution of our production unit.

    Finished product
    Constant care, compliance with procedures and attention to detail ensure the quality of Cy.Pag. Srl during the whole production cycle.